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Über mich

About me

Hi, I am Ludwig Mielke. 

Photographer, musician, and father.

Years ago, when I started photography to capture photos of the night sky and aurora borealis, I increasingly discovered my passion for children and family photography.

I love to discover and capture unstaged and fleeting moments between people and combine them with the beauty of nature around us.


“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”
— Robert Frank —

My Way

Small children bring a lot of joy, trouble, challenges, and experiences to your life. Time flies by and, especially during their first years, children change from day to day. Photography offers the possibility to save emotional moments and feelings forever. 


I don’t want to take or “arrange” photos with family members standing still like organ pipes while waiting for the flash and hoping their children will smile. I want to accompany you on an adventure, a joyride, or simply an exploration of nature outside your house to find and capture moments, emotions and making relationships visible.


Your Vision

Your own, unique family photos start with an idea. Just a picture in your mind, a feeling or maybe a memory you carry with you. Your first step is to reach out to me and share your vision, and once I understand it, we can take it from there. We will get there, and back again, with photos of your family and children that will express the way you feel about them.


I will help you with my experience and knowledge of nature and photography to choose a path that will lead us to these photos.


I’m excited to get you to know and learn more about your vision.


Contact me

Gardshaugvegen 127

4053 Ræge

Tel.: +49 (0) 1724230847



Thank you for your message!

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